The most thing I have learned about success and achieving whatever you want is that it all starts with loving yourself.

This comes in handy with knowing who you are, what you have and what you want to be. Loving yourself helps you to believe in yourself. It helps you to see what you are capable of and believe that you will do it no matter what. It helps you to do away with negative pressure because the love you have for yourself exceeds all the negative comments you might receive from the world.

Every time I wake up I look at myself as the best and I get the feeling that I am destined for greatness and no one can take that sway from me.

The love I have for myself helps me to appreciate myself and other people without jealousy.

Even through the hard times I keep telling myself that I have all it takes to achieve and when i fail I just take it as preparation for the coming success.

I love myself and it has brought me great joy.

LOVE YOURSELF because its the greatest charm you will ever have to attain greatness and success.

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