I look around and I see very many beautiful things. I see successful people, happy people, healthy people and I see a very beautiful world.

Coming down to my home, my country and my motherland UGANDA I see a beautiful home with lovely people and I look up to the sky and give thanks to the Almighty.

I haven’t been able to travel around yet but I have enough information about different states and no matter how much the world and everything in looks perfect, it really is not perfect at all.

People are suffering, hungry and hopeless. The successful are gaining more success and the unlucky ones are toiling in vain.

In Uganda right now there is serious unemployment not because we have no facilities but because of corruption, bribery and individuality. The haves don’t want to give opportunities to the have nots.

Those in power are not bothered by the issues the people are facing but everyone wants to fill their pockets at the expense of the citizen.

I have asked myself very many times why this is happening and the only answer I get is actually the only solution there is.

We have brought this upon ourselves and we are the solution to this problem. If everyone could play their role in taking time for their neighbours and we look out for each other making sure that we all have the best life that we need and deserve, I believe that this world would be a better place.

Together we can stop corruption and fight unemployment in our country.

It’s our role so let’s play it.


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