Psalm 18:4,”the ropes of death entangled me, floods of destruction swept over me.” Many times I feel so tied up and helpless but there are other times when I feel like I just need a rope to help pull me up.

Ropes can be used to hold things together but once raveled, they can be hard to unravel. Ropes that snag a fish leaving it panic stricken, thrashing and spinning are the same ropes that can save the fish from entrapment depending on how they are braided. Same thing with life, life can tease you and you feel trapped in your own skin but you can also enjoy your life. It all depends on how you live it.

Just like life, a rope goes on and on until someone wishes it to stop. I compare the ups and downs we face in life to the knots on a rope. While braiding a rope, sometimes you fix a knot when you feel like that’s the right length you needed or maybe when you’re out of fiber. The problems we face in life are like a knot, so hard to untie so you can add another strand but once you untie it everything becomes easy and you can braid without any complications.

The same rope that can choke life out of you can be used to rescue you out of a ditch. While hanging on a rope, one cut is enough to send you to your grave but there are safety ropes which have saved people just by holding onto them.

With a rope, you have to be careful where you leap because there are holes on either side and it is the same with life. You try to do what is not expected of you or what’s out of your purpose and you face challenges.

Growing up I’ve seen ropes being used for a myriad of things. From construction to sports. Not forgetting I jump a rope every day for health reasons. So a rope is quite useful.

The length of a rope is determined by its maker just like our life is determined by our maker. It can also be determined by its purpose. While braiding a rope you have its purpose at the back of your mind and well God too has a purpose for everyone while breathing life into them and he takes life out of you when your purpose is complete. That’s what I believe.

A light and skinny rope can never last as long as a thick rope. Same as life, you invest much in it and you get a lot more back but if you relax so much the story is different and sad.

Some ropes have special features like rumble strips, knots which define the end of the rope. In life we have signs which alert us in case something is wrong and there is a common expression made when someone is not doing well that, ‘there life is hanging by a rope’. We at times feel like this not only because we are dying, but because we are facing difficult situations.

Whenever you feel like your life is hanging by a rope, remember that life and the rope are the same and all you need to do is hold on to that rope and if possible braid more strands to it, with a great purpose at the back of your mind and your rope will be thick and long enough to pull you through.


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