Psalm 86:15; But you, O Lord are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. God’s love is unconditional and His grace is sufficient but should sit back and relax because He loves so much?

Not a day goes by that I don’t ask myself “what God thinks of me”. From the Bible it is clear that He loves me abundantly and His grace is sufficient but amidst all that, I can’t help but wonder if am worthy of his love and if my actions put a smile to His face.

I don’t mind what people think of me as long as am not hurting anyone but I mind a lot what God thinks of me. Every time I go to bed ear phoned with my radio turned on or any selected playlist as I wait for sleep to see me off to dreamland without saying a prayer, I hear the same voice asking me what God thinks of me. I am a Christian, born and raised in a Christian family so generally Christianity is my backbone. I am lucky to know enough about God, the bible and the right beliefs that have contributed to my blissful life so far. I know the right steps I need to follow as God’s child but my flesh and humanity deny me righteousness and always send me astray drowning in my sinful nature.

Every evening after my workouts I can’t help but stand before the mirror for what I think is to check my progress. One would wonder if after a 2hr workout I would look different but you know, I just can’t the crazy stunt. Even after telling myself not to do it the following day, I always find myself before my mirrored image in very different angles to judge my not so bold results.

Yesterday as I repeated my now hard to avoid mirror obsession, the usual voice popped up with the usual question “what does God think of me”. I felt as if He was standing right next to me checking me out in the mirror and asking me if I think He is happy with me. Having made me in His image, I am perfect and He obviously thinks the same. But I wasn’t staring at my body anymore and I realized the question had nothing to do with my body but everything to do with “my heart”, everything to do with “me”. So I looked past my body, past the flesh and into my soul and deep within my heart.

My revelation was devastating. I sweat everyday working out to make my body healthy and better but not every day do I read the bible right next to my bed to feed my soul. I move my daily guide from edge to edge, dust it but remember to only read through after a week. Yes I honor the Sabbath but what am I always doing the other six days. Do I spend those days glorifying Him and serving Him or do I spend them glorifying myself and thinking of only what matters to me?

When God looks at me (which He is always doing) does He smile? Is He happy to call me His child? His grace is sufficient but should I rely on that to live my life the way I want? Am in even worthy to be called His child?

Many times we have deliberately failed to do His will, we have ignored His commands, His voice and mostly His word. We choose to put ourselves first but as much as that would build you an empire, it will never let you into the eternal kingdom. So if you are to ask yourself, would that be worth anything? To live your life to the fullest and not make it to the eternal kingdom.

I stood before the mirror for over thirty minutes just looking into my heart, searching myself and I wasn’t pleased which left me wondering how I would expect God to be pleased with me. I realized that I needed to be better, do better and work on my relationship with God. If you aren’t happy with what your life portrays then God must be devastated. Renew your life for the better. However much God loves us unconditionally, we need to deserve that love by doing His will and following His word so that when He looks at us, He can at least wear a smile.

What does God think of you? Do you think He is happy with you?




  1. Since I grew up in a family that seemed to expect perfection, it’s been hard for me to even believe God loves me. But I do know we are not saved or lost because of what we do; we are saved because of what Jesus did for us.

    I think the more time we spend with God, the easier it is for him to change us into his image. I don’t believe any human will be perfect here. Paul says it is a struggle to do the right thing. James said, “We all make many mistakes.” But God can only work on us each day if we ask him. He needs our permission to do it. We can do nothing good without him.

    So, what does God think of those who want to follow him? He is delighted in us, the Bible says. Look at the disciples. They were far from perfect, but they were open to learning from God. Each day, give your life to God. Thank him, praise him and ask him to fill you. You cannot go wrong doing that and believing he hears you. Reading the Bible is the way God talks with us and lets us see what his kingdom is all about. It is essential to read the Bible because the Holy Spirit speaks to us through it.

    I think it is wonderful God is calling you with that question. God bless you, may his arms be around you filling you with himself.

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