14971226_1139490992766645_306130346_nphoto by Rothen Piaget: photo of my Muslim friend Zulfa. (love her)

The weather was perfect, just after a down power. with the skies so clear and the plants looking greener than usual, i couldn’t stop admiring God’s lovely creation. indeed i was amazed at how beautiful everything appeared.

Like any other photographer (not that am one) or any one who appreciates the love that pictures tell, and the memories they hold, i knew i could only keep that moment in a photo.

Whereas one of my friends was trying to cuddle around in the walls in search for warmth, Zulfa(in the picture) was enjoying the beauty of nature at the time. just like i was. i decided to take some pictures of her using her phone. she was the perfect model. Behind the camera stood pretty little me, at a very perfect angle (with my posterior facing the skies..hahah) and there she was taking slow strides looking so beautiful.

I took around six photos (i get excited sometimes) but this one i used was my best. Not because of my motion pics obsession, but because when i looked at it, I saw a lot in it, i saw a beautiful story. People have always said that Muslim ladies are always smart and yeah, i witnessed it when i looked at this picture.

I saw the beauty in embracing one’s religion and upholding it’s values and i was amazed. I love this picture so much and i am glad it is featured on this blog.

So from this post, am showing off my friend as she embraces her religion-ISLAM and how i wish we all do the same.

Embrace your religion and uphold It’s values.


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