Dear mum,

Am not sure if you know but I love you so much and am so glad to have you as my mother. For nine months you carried me so close and we bonded and am so glad that nothing has broken that bond but it becomes stronger each and every day. You gave me all the comfort before you even met me, protected me and shielded me with your own life. You gave all the little you had with so much love so that I could be brought into this beautiful world.

I can’t remember anything about 14th April 1995, all the pain you went through to give birth to me but am glad that on that day you fought so hard so that I could be born into this beautiful world. You pushed me out of your womb on that day and since then you’ve been pushing me to be better. Am so grateful. I see your smile all the time and I imagine how happy you were, how you smiled when you saw me for the very first time and I would give anything to keep that smile on your pretty face. I was so little but you gave me so much love and the strength in your arms as you carried me made me strong and I’ve carried with me that strength since then.

You carried me with you and watched me as you worked so hard for my life to be better. You’ve watched me grow each and every day and I hope that one day I can make you so proud. You have been my best friend, not one that I gossip with, not one I text all the time, not just the one I call upon when I am in need but one I count on with my whole life. One with whom I share a bond that I would give everything to never see it break.

You are a very strong and courageous woman. I look up to you and I couldn’t have a better example. I see in you all the qualities of a great woman. The great woman that I want to be, that I can be and that I will be. For all the good that I am, I have learnt from you, all the challenges that I faced head on with courage, I learnt from you to be courageous, all the strength that keeps me going and hoping a better future, I got from you. I will forever be grateful.

I love you so much mum and I pray that God blesses you and grants you all your heart’s desires. You are a blessing to me and I pray for more years full of joy, strength and happiness. Thank you for being the best mother in the world. Thank you for being the best friend. Thank you for being the best person. Thank you for being the best. Thank you for being the best woman. Thank you mum.



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