For the past twenty one years I have managed to grow, to be better each day and I am so grateful to God for being with me all the way. It has been and it is a very beautiful ride but there are things that I have learnt, ideas that I have picked up along the way that I keep carrying with me so that tomorrow I can be better than who I am today. And so as I draw close to 22 I will be sharing those ideas. They have helped me a lot, they could help you as well.


Growing is part of life. It is a natural process but it can also be substantial.  If you don’t grow then you are not really living. Each day I pray to be better, to grow in all aspects of life. Not just physically but also mentally, socially, emotionally and financially. Of course plus spiritually for we know a Christian needs to grow to be more like Jesus. To be able to grow, you need to accept that you need to grow. You can’t grow in anyway just by enjoying your comfort zone and hoping that the world will catch up with you. You also need to learn what matters and give it priority to other things that we outgrow with time because as we grow, our needs become different. Most importantly we need to accept that, “growing is our responsibility and therefore we should pursue it each day of our lives.”


  1. PUT GOD FIRST – Matt 6:33

You can be the strongest person just like Goliath but we know who sent him to his grave. David a very small boy. You can be very wise and think you know it all but we all don’t know what we don’t know. You can think that you are so rich, there are a lot of things money can’t buy including life itself. In this life, all we have, all that we are and what we shall be is because of God. However without Him in our lives, our lives are worthless. The future you hope for, the riches you have, no matter how beautiful you are, without God; it is all for nothing. You are nothing without God. Each day I tell God to remind me that I am nothing without Him and I tell myself that I am nothing without God and this has helped me to grow more in Christ and involve Him in whatever I do and in all my plans. I have learnt to put God first, involve him in my plans and He has been so good to me and I know that at the end of it all, the life that I will have lived, all that I will have achieved will not be for nothing because eternal life will be waiting.

“Put God first in your life because it’s the only way you, your life and plans will be better.”   


Life is precious. Waking up every new morning is a gift we can’t take for granted and so if you are still living, embrace the life that you have. If you think your life is different, stop comparing yourself to everyone else but embrace the positive differences you hold because it’s what makes you perfect. I used to think I was different and I tried to change myself to be like everyone else but it wasn’t worth it and I wasn’t happy. I decide to embrace who I am, accept who and how I am and life got so much better for me.

“You will only find the happiness you seek if you drop your negative attitude towards life.  Embrace your life and be happy.”


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