Outlier – ‘Not lost, just different’

>Outlier… Takes me straight to one of my posts SOLITUDE – My absolute necessity. It was a time i was trying so hard to figure out why i spend so much time by myself. I tried to change who i am, tried to go out and have fun with everyone and like everyone else but i just couldn’t fit in. It wasn’t my world. It’s not who i really am.

Accepting that some bits of  who you are a little bit different from the people around you is not always easy but once you embrace who you really are, it gets better.

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to do the things you love even if it’s not what everyone likes. it’s okay to sit by yourself and get lost in your thoughts if it makes you feel better. It’s okay to strive. It’s okay to have dreams that seem impossible to everyone else.

Do what makes you happy. Give yourself time to focus on you because it makes you better.

You can use your differences to stand out, to shine and be creative in your own way that no one can understand until they climb into your world. Don’t feel rejected. There is only you so use your uniqueness to your advantage. It may not be easy but it is who you are and you have to embrace that.

“Being different isn’t a bad thing. it means you are brave enough to be yourself.”

Post via; https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/outlier/

First time i get to participate in a daily post challenge. Excited

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