Keep looking


“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by chance ever observes.” – Sherlock Holmes

Not that I’ve ever read any Sherlock Holmes’ books or that i even knew that this was one of his quotes. I just heard of it from a movie i was watching sometime and because it’s an intriguing quote i was interested. so seeing that today’s challenge is ‘blindly’, it was the first quote that came to my mind.

We all have eyes but sometimes we appear to be ‘blind’. When we can’t figure out some things or even simply when we can’t find something that we are simply holding in our hands. Recently i spent almost an hour looking for my phone yet it was right there lying on the table and i was actually using it to play music as i sang along.

Most times we tend to think we have it all figured out until we meet a challenge that makes us revise all our conclusions. It’s because there is a lot out there in the world that we don’t know even when we think we know it all.

Sometimes we choose to settle for less, we give up so easily and we think that there is nothing more we can do to achieve what we want but i believe that if we try harder – if we keep looking then we can finally take a step a head from what we know.

Many people including me find it hard to fully discover their purpose in life. The problem sometimes is that we tend to look so far yet the answers are just around us. Instead of starting with the talents you are sure you hold, you tend to take on very difficult challenges and in a way you end up suppressing your belief in yourself. When we fail at ‘huge’ especially when they are our first take ons, we end up feeling so low about ourselves. Try to start small with what you can achieve because slowly as you rise, it is what will motivate you to take on bigger responsibilities.

Look around you first before you cross boarders for what could be lying beneath. Don’t be too blind and comfortable but strive with so much effort to discover the obvious things around you that we tend to ignore yet they could be so important.


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