Drawing close to ’22’ – part 3

still more of the ideas I’ve picked up along the way in the 21 years I’ve lived. Sharing with you so you could pick one or two that could guide you…


After resisting from hatred and anger and learning that they yield no results, I learnt to forgive. Forgiveness is important if you want to have the best relationships with people. However you can only learn to forgive if you possess a repentant heart. Learn to say sorry even for the smallest things and it’s only after you have learnt the importance of repentance that you will be able to know how important it is to forgive others. It is also only after you have learnt to say sorry when you wrong others and to forgive when someone wrongs you that you will be able to repent to God for your own sins that are against His word and will.


In whatever you do seek God. I already talked about putting Him first but we should also learn to seek Him. In every situation good or bad I have learnt to seek God. Seek His help, guidance, direction, counsel and protection. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as a helper to the disciples and after receiving the Holy Spirit their strength in doing God’s work was renewed. Read God’s word because t’s where all we need to know about Him is found. It is our food for spiritual growth. Seek Him and you shall find Him. Desire for more of Him in you and less of you for the glory of His name and for your life to be better.  Find out who He is and show the world who He is and what He can do.

“Seek God, Find Him, Know Him and then make Him known.”


No one is perfect. I have let myself and many other people down very many times. I have made pledges, commitments and promises that I have not fulfilled. Making mistakes is very easy whether you are dealing with many people or are just by yourself. The only good thing that we can do about the mistakes we make is learning from them. Correcting ourselves. Making sure that we don’t ever repeat the mistakes of today tomorrow.


Appreciate every person in your life, every good thing that happens to you – be thankful, every challenge that you are able to overcome – be grateful and for every new day that you get to face – give glory to God. I learnt the hard way to be thankful of the friends I have and I have had. I am not the best person to be with and by the time I realized that I had met many people who became good friends to me and were there for me but I had lost contact with them. I felt really bad for I couldn’t find them easily to thank them and show them how grateful I was to them for caring about me. But nevertheless I said I would not make that mistake again, I appreciate every person in my life while they are still with me. Every person you meet plays a big role in your life, you might not see it now but be thankful to them while you still have them. If someone makes you happy, let them know.

12. LOVE

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind”

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

“Love your enemies”

Give love.  Sometimes it’s what we all need.


You cannot get what you want without knowing what you want. You can only be where you want to be by knowing the steps to get you there. Discover yourself. Give yourself time to know more about you. Know the good and the bad about you and then you can know how to deal with other people. “FINDING YOURSELF” WITH ROTHEN PIAGET Find out what makes you tick and then focus on that to better yourself. Find out what makes you happy and then you will find a way to relieve yourself whenever you are feeling low.


We are all blessed differently, we have different gifts and we bare different fruit. Whereas you might see the world in a clear perspective, some people are lost. Whereas you have your life figured out, some people are still struggling. Whereas you are strong enough to live through each day; go past any challenges – some people are still re-living their childhood mishaps. You can use your values to help build someone else’s life. You can use your talents to show some one that they can be better. You can use your strength to walk through hardships with those who aren’t strong enough.  You can restore someone’s hope. You can use your positive values to revive your society. You can be a blessing to someone.

15. Live with integrity



I don’t believe that things just happen. For everything that happens to him, I try to find out why it has happened. I have learnt to believe that things happen for the good of us. Even bad things happen to us so that we could learn something new. This has helped me to avoid regret and to keep the faith even when my life is not all figured out. Once you accept that things happen for a reason; it becomes easier to go past disappointments and setbacks with a belief that it is all preparing for a better occasion or it saved you from a worse situation.


I don’t have kids yet but I really wish to set the best example for them. I want to be someone they can look up to and they can count on at all times. I have tried to be exemplary though am not sure how I perform but at least I have tried. Being an example helps other people that look up to you and also helps you especially with how society perceives you. It also helps you to maintain integrity in whatever you do because you are aware that there are people looking up to you and because you want the society to look up to you for the better.


Well, I have really appreciated this one but I am still learning. I am human so I want to live and although I know that any day could be my last, I am still living in denial. But I enjoy every moment while it lasts so I think that’s a start.


This world bears very many gifts. It has quite a number of offers but you choose what you think is best for you. From all the many choices you got, don’t settle for less. Don’t limit yourself to what you have. Exploit your potential and desire to be far better than what you think your capabilities are. You more to offer, you have a lot to choose from – explore to the very best. Just like from thrive-casting crowns you were not meant for ordinary life.


It starts with you. Believe in yourself then other people will see the potential in you. When we believe in ourselves, everything seems possible before our eyes and that way we are able to do more than just sit back and watch others act. We engage ourselves, drive and lead others believing that we are and will be great at whatever we set our minds on.


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