Holy Thursday

Today Christians around the world are celebrating Holy Thursday. The day that Jesus shared His last supper with His disciples. It is the day that the sacrament of Holy Communion was established. Before the Passover festival Jesus washed the disciples’ feet and set them apart, cleansed to continue His work.

So today we had the same activities during community worship at campus, there was Holy communion and it was a moment of remembrance of God and Jesus’ love for us.

To me this wasn’t just like any other Pre-Easter celebrations. I t was remarkable. A time to meditate, to repent and to renew my life fully with Christ.

But the most amazing thing about this day being a Holy day and celebrating the Passover festival is really timely considering that tomorrow I will be starting a new year of my life. Being cleansed in the precious blood of Jesus and set apart to do His work while I am starting a new year is motivation that my twenty second year on earth will be amazing. I am starting on a good note, at a very important time with Jesus guiding me and directing me.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE. May God be renewed in your lives.



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