Pleasing to God

Yesterday was a very unique day. It started pretty well but as the day unfolded i had a few upsetting moments. One of the things i had been praying for didn’t turn out in my favor. I felt weak and i was miserable but anyway the day was still young so i tried bury myself in books just to pass time.

Later during the day i was moving around campus with my friends and we spot this beautiful little boy.

“He’s soo cute” I said.  He smiled and walked away around the car.

“oh and he’s shy”

I followed him around and said Hi. I asked for his name and he told me his name is Arnold and the he added – wait for it…

“I heard you saying that I am shy but am not.”

I was like wow.  A beautiful, amazing and smart little boy.

So after all the not nice things that happened to me yesterday, this little kid pleased me. A very smart child is a blessing and it shows that the parents are doing a very great job in his life.

In the evening we had a concert tagged love-viola-concert where the uganda christian university community along with the spring-gents-ug along with many different Ugandan gospel artists came together to support financially and pray for Viola a student who is down with leukemia. We had an amazing evening full of joy, comfort and love. We offered our praises, prayers and worship to God for Viola and i felt like God was  pleased. I was as well pleased to be part of the great cause. I am still praying and hoping that God’s mercy and healing power be upon Viola.

My day was interrupted by a slight disappointment but God still taught me a lot and reminded me that there are people who i need to pray for, who are so burdened and weak and that i should be grateful no matter the situation. Am glad that my day ended well and that amidst the challenges God still reigned on high.



2 thoughts on “Pleasing to God

  1. May the River of Love flow through Viola, causing supernatural healing. Indeed God was pleased at the concert and equally pleased at this blog post: spreading His love to the ends of the earth. God bless you my fellow social media remnant.

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