They  tell you what they think you want to hear.

They give you what they think you crave.


They assume they know everything about you.

They actually think they know you better than anyone else.

They tell you what they think makes you happy.

They wish for you what they think you deserve.

They have so much to say about you.

They could even tell stories about you way better than you.

They are always there when they think you need them.

They are ready to offer when they think you are in need.

They think they have you figured out. Until one day,

they realize

they actually had it all wrong.

They forgot to find out what you really care about.

They missed on the exact things that actually make you happy.

They didn’t know what you needed.

they just gave what they assumed you needed.

They didn’t get to know you because when you were quiet,

they thought you were sad. When you wore a smile,

they thought you were happy. When you laughed so hard,

they thought you were just too excited.

They never took time to know you, to actually talk and know you well, to spend time with you just for you and not to fulfill their own interests. Maybe you never gave them enough time. Maybe it’s all your fault. or maybe they just focused on who they wanted to see in you. Maybe all the time you sat back and chuckled at what they did wrong, you should have led them where you wanted them to be in your life.

This wasn’t meant to be sad.



4 thoughts on “??

    1. well, i think we are meant to care. Even when we don’t want to or pretend to care at all,it’s not like we have a choice. Do we?


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