Neither black nor white

If the world is not black and not white then could it be gray? I don’t know either but one thing I am sure of is that there is a lot that needs figuring out and it takes more that just one decision, one thought, one conclusion, one observation or one word. It takes so much thinking and observation then so much studying to finally arrive at a certain conclusion which could also not be 100% conclusive.

Out of many mistakes comes perfection. sometimes you have to try so hard and as many times as you can to finally achieve what you have been chasing. the world is not black and white and so we have to learn to progress slowly because not all things in life come easy. Where you are now isn’t where you will be tomorrow. You could be better or worse and because of this uncertainty we have to learn to survive any situation we might face. Don’t get too comfortable because you are O-kay today because you don’t know what tomorrow holds. Although we live hoping that tomorrow will be better, we also shouldn’t ignore the fact that anything can change.

The people you meet today could be your heroes tomorrow. You don’t know what or whom you will need tomorrow so respect everyone you cross paths with, be good to the people around you, appreciate and be thankful to everyone who gives an ear to what you have to say, any one who spares their time so you could fulfill your plans and all those who offer what they have so you could be better.

The world is neither black nor white just as you don’t know everything there’s to know in it. Take all the time you can to learn more. It’s never a bad idea. Share the little you know with those who don’t. Impacting a life for the better – it’s one of the greatest achievements you could ever make in life.

Don’t be the only one in shouting colour if it’s not for the good of others. Don’t stand out in ways that affect those around you. Don’t choose to stand out for the wrong reasons especially those that don’t uphold dignity, integrity, morality and justice.

Fill the world with different shades of beautiful colour with the good that you do. I f you can put a smile on someone’s face then don’t even hesitate about it. If you have the desire to make someone happy – go for it. We all have so much love to offer so let’s offer it and not be too selfish.

Let us all share what we know, give what we can and whenever we can, help whenever help is needed.

The world is not black and white. But it doesn’t have to be cause we have so much to offer to make it a colourful, interesting and a better place for us all.




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