Doing whatever to survive???

This afternoon while in a taxi travelling to town, sitting at the back looking through the window I stop to think for a moment and on the roadside I see these two women both selling ‘matooke’ one selling in fingers and the other selling in bunches. A man comes over n carries one bunch on his back. From the look I his face and the sweat that dripped off of his forehead, it looked like he carried a good number of them. Next to the women is a young man probably in his 20s with a Rolex and chapati stand busy working. Right behind him is a guy repairing watches and at the moment he was working on one with a customer standing over next to him. A boda guy then wheels by with a load of packed milk n just as the taxi moved by, across the road was cobbler on duty. Each one of them was busy working under the hot afternoon sun for whatever reason. Maybe some hadn’t had lunch at the time, some could have been chasing a rent deadline and hey kids just got back to school too so there’s so much to work for. 
We do what we have to do each day to survive another day. With or without hope of being there tomorrow

My appreciation for these people was cut short when the taxi conductor cheated me. He charged me extra but you know he’s also trying to survive. And he isn’t the only one, there are people out there watching as others work and all they do is prey on other people’s sweat. You work so hard to buy a nice phone n someone steals it from you. Businessmen and women are fond of overcharging us and getting way more profits than they deserve but they just want to survive and well, ‘it’s just business.’ There are big bosses in those offices counting on a bribe just before they offer you a job. Everyone is doing whatever they have to do to survive.

So I asked myself, if we are all trying to survive and not minding what cost that may have on the rest of humanity, how then will that benefit us? What are we living for? Are we even living or is it just survival?

Survival requires to do anything to not die, not suffer, to just beat all odds. Whereas living requires us to embrace life, the good that comes with it, the people around us and it’s what we need. We need to ‘live together’. Don’t neglect someone just because you need to get there first. Some people might find competition necessary in life but if it costs someone else’s life, then it’s not called for.

Do whatever you do to be happy, to develop, to impact a life, to bring happiness in someone else’s life but above all to live with everyone else and for everyone around not for any selfish reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with surviving but there’s everything good in living.

‘Don’t prey on other people’s happiness but be a source of joy to those around you’

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