Death was arrested

Song by North Point Inside Out

“You have made me new now life begins with you. It’s your endless love pouring down on us, you have made us new now life begins with you…”

This is one of the lines I sing or listen to and tears just flow. Not that I am sad but because I’ve been filled with so much joy, so much happiness, so much peace that I don’t even deserve. I first heard of this song during Sunday service at church but I just feel like I connect to it and everytime I listen to it, it speaks to me.

“Your love made a way to let mercy come in….” love and mercy are two great things that we all need and actually pray for each day. Through love, Jesus died for us. It might have been painful but it was the greatest act of love that will ever be. He died not only to save us but so that God His father would have mercy upon us. Love made a way for mercy to come in. 2 great things for sinners who didn’t and still don’t deserve them.

“Ash was redeemed only beauty remains…” beauty from ashes is what we are. There’s a change you feel and experience when you accept Jesus Christ and start living the life that glorifies His name. When you start letting the will of God guide your works. You feel new. You feel free. You feel beautiful. You stop looking at the world to accept you because you know that you’ve already been accepted by the most high God. The worldly things don’t matter no more because you have a higher calling.

You have made me new now life begins with you

“Released from my chains am a prisoner no more…” Sometimes..actually most times we become slaves to the things we treasure and we don’t even realise it. You face a hard situation and become a slave to it. You start doubting yourself and feeling rejected by everyone around you but once you accept God and place all your burdens unto Him, the freedom it comes with!!!! The world can be an interesting place as much as it can be a terrible place. There’s a freedom that comes with living in Christ. Being free from the bad old habits, from all the addictions, from the worldly pleasures. It’s like you had chains before but now you’re free.

When death was arrested and my life began… I was lost but now am found in Christ. I was confused by the world, by the wrong friends but now I see clearly coz I have Christ within me, now I am part of a great family that only focuses on spiritual growth and expanding the kingdom of God. My life didn’t just start when I was born, it started when I became born again in Christ Jesus.

watch song  here death was arrested

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