Respect The Difference

“The second we start drawing lines around which people are able to be approached and which aren’t, we’ve already completely missed the heart of God,” ~Lauren Daigle

This quote has been my best highlight for this past week. Lauren is one of my favourite gospel artists. I enjoy her music and it speaks to me.

One of the things I never allow myself to do as a Christian is to be judgemental. I respect people’s decisions, choices and I accept people for who they are because God accepted me for who I am. Who am I to judge or condemn??

I embrace the idea of free will and accepting that we all have our opinions and beliefs.

I may not believe in what you believe in but that doesn’t give me a right to disrespect your belief.

Lauren being excited about appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s show and appearing on Ellen’s show didn’t give anyone Christian or not the right to judge her actions. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you should not interact with people who aren’t Christian or whose ideas don’t align with yours.

When we start separating ourselves from some people because of their beliefs and opinions forgetting that we coexist with each other, we either lose ourselves, our humanity or the sense of belonging.

Respect other people’s choices, opinions and beliefs.

You don’t have to join them – just respect them.


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