Unlovable !!


I have made myself unlovable. yes… you heard it right… why…. I have created this wall around my heart, a wall that protects me from all the emotions. I have gone cold in my heart, as my soul is still burning in the ashes of the past. I feel numb, when people talk about love and emotions. My eyes freeze and my lips can’t even fake a smile. And it’s not that I don’t believe in love anymore. Love exists, yes. But, I don’t have the heart left to love again.

pain of love 3

I know that people take it as some sort of arroganceor no-heart, but I know my life, I know my nights, and I know how it feels. So, I am fine with the idea of people hating me for not loving love anymore.

You know, and to be very honest, love is still a dream, yes. But how can…

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