10 Days to Christmas

Yesterday I was in town and yes there's no doubt that Christmas is just around the corner. Too many people on the streets, shopping malls are crowded, Christmas trees all lit up in every shop and office. For those travelling home for the holidays and intending to use public transport, transport fares have already been … Continue reading 10 Days to Christmas

Unlovable !!


I have made myself unlovable. yes… you heard it right… why…. I have created this wall around my heart, a wall that protects me from all the emotions. I have gone cold in my heart, as my soul is still burning in the ashes of the past. I feel numb, when people talk about love and emotions. My eyes freeze and my lips can’t even fake a smile. And it’s not that I don’t believe in love anymore. Love exists, yes. But, I don’t have the heart left to love again.

pain of love 3

I know that people take it as some sort of arroganceor no-heart, but I know my life, I know my nights, and I know how it feels. So, I am fine with the idea of people hating me for not loving love anymore.

You know, and to be very honest, love is still a dream, yes. But how can…

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