Prayer & Sin


Prayer and sin can not live together in the same heart.

One thing I have learnt throughout my spiritual walk is that, prayer and sin are two strong but whereas the later is a weapon of destruction, the former is a weapon of strength and growth.
You can’t continue sinning and be able to pray at the same time. You will either start getting an excuse to miss prayer or those weird voices that tell you to postpone prayer to the following day.

I remember some time when I was spiritually down. I tried to pray and couldn’t find the words. I knew what I wanted to say but i would start to pray and the words would just disappear. I then opted to say the Lord’s Prayer just to lift my spirit but despite the fact that I know the lord’s prayer very well, during that time I tried to say the Lord ’s Prayer and I failed. I even tried praying in my local language but couldn’t figure out which line came after hallowed be your name. It wasn’t until I set aside time to fast, fellowship and repent and seek Gods grace once again that my life was restored.
That is remarkably one of the worst downs I’ve been at as a Christian. I learnt for a fact that sin can trample over your praying spirit so you can’t live a sinful life and a prayerful life at the same time.
As Christians, we learn from the bible that prayer is a strong weapon and this i partly covered in my previous post PRAY. The only reason as to why we get to live comfortably in faith and keep trusting the Lord is because of prayer. Even when it gets hard to keep believing, with prayer we communicate to God, make him aware of our situation and he strengthens us.
If you ever feel like it’s hard to pray, or realize that you keep giving excuses to avoid prayer or even reaching a point when your prayers sound rehearsed, then ask God to search your heart as you do the same. Repent, read His word, fellowship with others and share your situation with a friend if possible because sometimes we need to pray with someone. But most importantly put yourself right with God because sin without repentance can choke prayer.


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