Tales of an Introvert

Walking down the street
There’s way too many people
This is why I love staying home.
I think this guy said somethin to me.
I mean I saw his lips move and iam sure he smiled.
I smiled back. I do that a lot
But I honestly didn’t hear what he said
I never do.
How could I. The music is so loud my headphones are still new.

I’m finally out of the crowd
I can’t seem to find exactly what I need from this shop
But i remember this lady. We went to school together
She says she’s fine.
I know it’s been so long but we used to be close.

I almost forgot about this meeting.
I’m five minutes late.
Everyone is shocked, I’m never late.
How can I be late? My work is literally my life
Everyone is excited. We are all laughing.
After the meeting we have plans, to go eat out.
Extra fun as they call it.

I’m sorry I can’t make it. I have this thing back home.
They are used to my excuses but they pretend to accept my apologies.
We thought this time might be different but it will never be,right?
Oh no I’ll come around. Its that this thing I have to do.

There’s never a thing.
My ring tone is my favorite song.
Most times when my phone rings, I just sing or dance along.
This time I did neither.
Just kept digging through my bag of chips. I’ll just return the call
You could have picked the call atleast, if you can’t step out and be part of the extra fun..
This voice is always here to give me company. Along with the movies, books and music.

Power just went off. I’m now surrounded by darkness.
Oh but wait, the voice in my head is still here.
There’s no company, is there?
I’m just always here by myself…

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