10 Days to Christmas

Yesterday I was in town and yes there’s no doubt that Christmas is just around the corner. Too many people on the streets, shopping malls are crowded, Christmas trees all lit up in every shop and office. For those travelling home for the holidays and intending to use public transport, transport fares have already been hiked. Most of us love Christmas and those who don’t pretend to for the sake of family and loved ones. I mean who would’t love having 10 days off work?

Walking along the streets downtown Kampala these days can be very scary because of the crowds. There are very many thieves so you literally have to hold your bag so tight like its the nuclear football. Earlier this week i was in town and noticed different people on different occasions staring at my bag suspiciously. I later learnt that thieves had been harboring around that area. Now I know that I have to be very careful with my belongings or I risk someone buying Christmas meat using my money without my consent.

downtown kampala
Down-town Kampala (Source: Google Images )

I remember last year around this time, I went shopping downtown and because of the congestion I caught myself over 5 times saying sorry to dummies. There’s no way of telling if you knocked a person or a dummy or if whatever landed on the back of your head or even your forehead was a slap from a human being or you just stumbled into a dummy’s hand.  Then there’s also the drama of buying a similar cloth. Malls are filled with very many similar clothes. If you are lucky, you’ll notice that there’s a very similar dress to the one you’re interested in next door but if luck isn’t on your side, you’ll notice on the 25th December when you arrive at church only to wonder if by some weird chance you are wearing the same dress as the choir uniform.

Amidst all the craziness and excitement, Christmas holidays are still my favorite holidays. Getting to spend time with family and eat lots of food is just amazing. Christmas is a season of love, joy and happiness and having an opportunity to relax and reflect on the year with the new year in mind helps me plan my life better, and of course not forgetting the reason we have Christmas – The birth of Jesus. Christmas helps us to reflect on the Birth of Jesus and why He was given to and for us.

That unconditional love of God is the reason we have Christmas and why Christmas is the season of love so please share the love, spread the love and spend this season showing love to your loved ones, your family and neighbors.

Merry Christmas to you all and much love from PIAGET WRITES.

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