When the human rights defenders and activist rose up to fight and put an end to FGM, the movement was and is still productive and along the way it seemed like the distasteful act was eradicated. With the Prohibition of FGM Act enacted in 2010, there was hope for the girls in the Sebei Sub-region districts and surrounding areas but recently it’s been discovered that FGM is still being practiced.

I respect culture but I have no tolerance or respect for cultural practices that are inconsistent with the constitution, are a violation of human rights and are repugnant and yes FGM is one of those. The myths and beliefs surrounding this odious practice and the desire to preserve culture are the reasons as to why even with the entire advocacy and activism, girls’ rights to health, life and Freedom from torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment are still being violated.

We don’t have to forget our culture or turn against our beliefs but there’s need to be aware of the norms and beliefs that are holding us back from becoming a Human Rights-violation free community. Let us root out the abhorrent cultural practices and preserve those that contribute to our community and human development.

FGM is cruel, inhumane and degrading to girls and women and should be completely eradicated.

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