Uganda Miss Curvy Contest: Sexist and Degrading

Early this week I visited Thomas Alex Norman You Tube channel to watch some of his travel videos and I spent most of the time watching his Uganda series. Born and raised here in Uganda but I haven’t toured the country that much so travel videos are as far as I’ve been close to most of the Ugandan tour destinations.

Uganda is a very beautiful country and anyone who’s been here can testify to that. We have a great deal of tourist attractions ranging from national parks with various kinds of animals to astonishing water bodies and the beautiful breathtaking scenery. Uganda is gifted by nature and you can just take a look at some of the tourist destinations in the Pear of Africa.

Blessed with all of that and so much more but the ministry of tourism like Oliver Twist just never stops wanting more and coming up with some ridiculous ideas like promoting the rolex. Early this week, the Minister of tourism confidently launched the miss curvy contest  where he stated that,“We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry?” – quote from Daily Nation

In this era of people trying to fight body shaming and branding women according to their body shapes and sizes and beauty pageants taking a shift from not just the looks you bring to the table but your ideas for development, this presumed to be right thinking member of society suggests to ‘use’ women, parade them so as to source revenue for a country. This is like slave trade all over again except this time we won’t be in chains or shipped off as goods.

Some people who have come up to try to defend this contest are only branding the infamous contest to be like any other pageant but beauty pageants are too demanding of women when it comes to body appearance as well as some jobs like modeling which require women to be too slim. Women are demanded to lose weight and one might say that you have a choice to take part or not but if it’s your passion sometimes you chase it with all it’s negativity. Rosalie Nelson a 25yr old model has come up with a Petition to protect models from being pressured to lose weight. No matter what body size or shape you are, we all need to join the fight against objectifying women and dictating their appearance.

The minister claims that people are also tourism products but people are not products and maybe we shall know this when we finally stop exporting off our girls to work as maids which has sent some of them to their graves. the miss curvy contest is degrading of women and if you think the same, please sign the Petition by Primrose Murungi to have the same cancelled.


#SpeakUP #Women’sRights #NotoMissCurvyContest


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