Building Trust

Often times we hold on to the things that scare us, we hold them away and fail to confront our fears, fearing to face our problems and sometimes because we find it hard to trust people with our issues.

There could be some parts of yourself that you hide away from the world, parts of you that you think others will run away from and you’re afraid of embracing them or of how people will react when everything about you is finally exposed.  You could be going through something serious and you’re afraid to seek help, afraid of trusting people with what you think are the darkest and toughest moments of your life.

Trusting people is not the easiest thing to do. Personally, I have struggled with letting people in and my guard has always been up but I try to trust people whenever I can and with situations I can’t handle by myself.

We live in an interdependent reality where we need each other and can only succeed by complimenting our strengths with the strengths of others. No matter how hard it is for you to trust, to let people in or to share your weaknesses and some parts of yourself with others, know that all it takes is just one word, one question or one gesture for you to start and build a long lasting and strong relationship with someone.

Likewise, with one word, one question or one gesture, you can start to slowly build trust because you have to give trust for you to get it back.



2 thoughts on “Building Trust

  1. Trust is a very precious thing which needs to be earned, kept and valued with one another. Christian character is the foundation of our trust with one another…

    Enjoy your writings…

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