Make commitment a habit

Commitment is like faith. It requires obedience, practice and you have to learn to live by it for commitment to actually become a habit and a tool for success. The magnitude of your goal doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy for you to commit to achieving it but on the other hand, greater commitment can determine if we achieve results and the greatness of those results.

Like faith, commitment isn’t easy. We make plans and fail to execute them, pledge and fail to fulfill sometimes not because we lacked the resources but we just couldn’t commit and all we can say is something came up. I used to believe I had commitment issues and I know some people out there might also believe they do but is commitment embedded in anyone’s DNA? Is it a special skill or talent that you’re born with? I don’t think so.

To be able to successfully commit to something, the first step is to Make the commitment. You have a goal, a responsibility, an obligation so you need to own it and prepare yourself to live by it.  Ask yourself what do I want and how far am I willing to go to achieve it?

Keep the commitment. Don’t just make the commitment or stop at the decision to commit – be committed to the commitment and keep being committed. commitment requires devotion to something. You’ve determined what you want and how to get it, the next step is to devote to the how focusing on the what. At that point, the question how far are you willing to go will constantly keep popping up at the back of your mind. It might not be easy, but this question will motivate you to keep the commitment.

Repeat and keep focused. For commitment to become a habit, you have to exercise it in whatever you do. It is not something you opt in and out of. With every new opportunity, make a commitment, keep it and repeat the same for the next opportunity. Practice commitment with every role you have and that way your results will be balanced, your success will be general and you will be able to experience wholistic growth. There are no commitment issues, all it takes is devotion and practice.




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