Building Generosity into your Life

Sometimes we hold on to our possessions because we fear we might run out – life seems scarce. But when we believe that giving is the way to live, we will produce more in the future – life seems abundant.

Giving has always felt better than receiving. Being able to put a smile onto someone’s face, helping someone out of a problem and providing someone with something they can’t afford by themselves gives more satisfaction that receiving.

Nothing speaks to others more loudly or serves them better than than generosity. We work hard everyday and achieve different things, we have so much to give from our love, kindness and emotional support to material things.

Build generosity into your life by being grateful for whatever you have. There will always be something you have that someone else doesn’t have so be grateful for that. Being grateful also calls for being content. Focus on what you have and it won’t matter what you don’t have.

Consider helping whenever you can. You could be very fortunate to have the ability to provide yourself with whatever you want whether urgent or not but there’s someone out there who isn’t as lucky. It doesn’t have to be just material things, it could be just emotional support. Allow yourself to help out whenever you have the chance.

You cannot be generous if you’re controlled by greed. Sometimes we feel the need to fulfill every desire we have some of which aren’t that necessary but we still go out of our ways to feed the desires at the expense of others. If you don’t control greed it will control you and you’ll never stop wanting more. Settle for what’s enough and live a simple meaningful life, that way you’ll create room for generosity.

Develop the habit of giving. There can’t be generosity without giving. Don’t just appreciate the idea but take part and give whenever you can. Make it part of your life but don’t force it, let it be something you are truly interested in doing. Be a cheerful giver.


9 thoughts on “Building Generosity into your Life

  1. You are a rare beautiful soul and i love you for this! your post’s each line is 100% true.
    God bless you! Whats your name pl and where are you from?

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