Developing commitment

Last week I wrote about Making commitment a habit and today I will share a few tips on how to develop commitment seeing that it can be very difficult sometimes. Like I said commitment requires devotion, it goes past the mind to the will. Your mind, actions and emotions have to be aligned for you to be committed.

Commitment starts with the heart. Our obligations, responsibilities and roles all have the same foundation for us to accomplish them which is the heart. Commitment precedes achievement and for you to ably develop commitment, always ask yourself where your heart is and focus on that because where your heart is, is where your commitment lies.

Commitment is tested by actions. To keep the commitment, you have to act and devote yourself to whatever you committed yourself to. Don’t just make the commitment and stop at talking or writing your goals, take action and walk the talk because that is how you’ll measure if you are truly committed.

Evaluate yourself. Assess yourself to find out how far you’ve come regarding your commitments, ask yourself what have I done and what am I doing next to remain committed to this goal. Commitment can be measured and the tool is evaluating and assessing yourself and the steps you’ve taken. Tomorrow marks two months into this year so today morning I decided to take a look at my goals for this year and evaluate myself and I realised that I haven’t been as committed as I should be to some of my goals. You could also do the same, set goals and keep evaluating yourself. That way you’ll keep your commitments and remain committed to them.

Make the right decisions. The decisions you make should be aligned with your commitments and should be to help you achieve them. After you’ve established what your goals, responsibilities and obligations are and you’ve made your commitments to them, male them the basis of your decisions. Keep in mind what’s important to you and by  Putting yourself first and making your commitments the basis of your decisions, you will be able to develop commitment in your life.

Hold yourself accountable. Accountability is the incentive you need to follow through with your commitments.  Every step you take, every decision you make and as you ask yourself how far you’re willing to go keep in mind that you’ll need to account in the end. You can account to yourself or even better to someone else but when you look back at the goals you set and whatever you did to achieve them, you should be able to say it wasn’t for nothing.

Commitment opens doors for accomplishment. It is very necessary for growth and development and once you commit yourself, you’ll able to focus and there’ll be no regrets because even if you don’t succeed at least you’ll be sure you gave your all.


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