Who are you online?

If you could be anyone, who would you be?

To those who believe in fate and destiny, you cannot change who you are. To those who choose to embrace the idea of free will and dismiss the limitations of fate and destiny, you can be anything. But no matter what you believe, you will always be who you are in your bones. You can, however, create a brand or image of your best self living according to your values and principles and this will be reflect how you relate with others and whatever you do.

I have respect for people who live their authentic selves no matter what society thinks, people who embrace freedom and life in general without letting the walls of societal beliefs and demands contain them.

Someone once said that the only advantage people with money have against those that don’t, is that at the end of the day they can have anything (that money can buy) they want. Now this only applies to material things. Today I’m writing about personality.

In a world where you can be anything/anyone, what/who would you be? You might think this is just a rhetoric question but it’s not. Twenty years ago, it would be but today it’s not. This is because of technology.

Technology advancement and especially the era of social media has given us an opportunity to be whoever we want to be.

While scrolling through my twitter timeline recently, I read a comment that someone I follow shared about this person that she knows personally. She said,’X is actually a sweet person when you meet them and get to know them in person.’ This means that X isn’t the same person she is online as she is in real life/in person. Another example is Rude Boy’s song Audio Money which is mainly about people that claim to have money online yet they are actually broke in real life.

Some people might think its okay and others might disagree. I respect people’s choices so it doesn’t bother me. However, it raises the question I posed, that, ‘In a world where you could be anyone, who would you be?’ This is why I said that it’s not a rhetorical because today we have that world, the social media presence/online world.

We all get faced with this option/opportunity the moment we click ‘create an account’. It’s an open offer for you to be anyone. You can be your true self. You can be your fantasy self. You can be anything or anyone you want to be. You can even be a fake version of your favorite celebrity.

Despite what you consider before creating your account, there are three underlying factors that ultimately determine who we are online and who strangers perceive us to be from just scrolling through our online profile and views.

CHOICE – You can choose to be anything/anyone.

Online, You can choose to either be yourself or something/someone else. You can either be someone else and use that opportunity to live your fantasy story or you can embrace your true self.

Just keep in mind that when you were offered an opportunity to be anything/anyone, you chose to be whoever you are. Whoever you chose to be, be it your true self or someone else that’s totally different from who you really are, says so much about the real YOU.

That choice speaks to your honesty and integrity. It speaks to your self-esteem and self-respect.

CONTROL-Who you choose to be online becomes part of your story and you control that story.

You create your online story and you have the power to control the narrative. Whatever you share, whatever you like, the comments you post and the posts you share is all part of your story. Those are your views.

You might not be able to control what happens to you in life, your fate or destiny, but you can control what you make of your online presence.

You can edit your posts, you can take down your posts and you can even deactivate your account. All these you cannot do with your real life. Some mistakes you make and you just learn from them. Online, you are in control and whatever you post, like or share speaks to your ego, respect for others and dignity.

CONSCIENCE – The duty to unite one’s powers of reason, emotion, and will into an integrated moral whole based upon one’s most fundamental moral principles and identity. 

Is whoever you chose to be online a good or bad person? Do you make mean comments? Are you a bully? What does your online behavior say about you?

You can choose to use your online platform for good or wrong. Whatever you do says about your morals, principles and values.

Conscience enables us to do one thing and avoid the other. You chose to be someone, you are in control of whatever that someone does, and whatever that someone does verifies you as a person and who you really are. Who you are online, what you do or not do says a lot about your conscience and morality.

Who you are online says a lot about who you are in real life. By creating that account, you had a choice to be anyone and indeed you made a choice to be someone. Whoever you chose to be reflects your morals, principles and values as a human being. How you relate with others online says a lot about how you relate with others in real life.


You had an opportunity to be anyone. Are you proud of who you chose to be? How different are you from who you truly are?

How different are your online and offline personalities?

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  1. I’ve enjoyed every bit of the article. I think, not only have you got a beautiful mind but also brilliance at writing. The article is coherent, relevant & coordinated.

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