Don’t stop fighting…

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose
Sometimes we find love, sometimes we don’t,
Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t,
Sometimes we learn to love, sometimes we learn to let go,
Sometimes we learn to share, sometimes we hold back,
Sometimes we reach out, sometimes we pull away,
Sometimes we know, sometimes we are lost.

But we learn to embrace the times we have it all together
The times we love,
The times we laugh,
The times we thrive,
The times we achieve,
The times we grow,
The times we are held,
The times we hold,
The times we live in the moment,
The times we live for.

And in the times we can’t find ourselves,
The times we can’t breathe,
The times we cry,
The times we struggle,
The times we have no one to turn to,
The times we feel that all is lost,
The times we feel lost,
The desperate times,
The times of suffering…. Misery and pain…

During those times we wait, we hold on, we lift ourselves up, we remind ourselves of our strength, we lift each other up, we fight,

And we pull through..

We keep pressing on…

We keep focused..

We smile…

We break through…

We win

Because we are fighters.


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