Looking back… Moving forward!

`You`ve come so far`

I was recently reminded to count my blessings. Struggling with anxiety, doubt and my fear of failure, someone reminded me to consider all I’ve been through and use that to motivate me to remain focused.

I realize now that sometimes, in the middle of a crisis when you feel stuck, the best thing to do is count your blessings. Take a look back at what you`ve achieved, where you`ve come from, and what you`ve overcome. Take a look back, and remind yourself why you fight.

Remind yourself of the past battles that you won, the challenges that you overcome, the blessings that you never expected, the goals you achieved.

Living is complicated but that`s what makes it worth it. Life isn`t a straight line, it`s not perfect and it`s not meant to be.

Living is a process. Today is a new day, tomorrow will be different, yesterday is in the past. What`s assured is that there will always be a new day, and that new day brings new opportunities. That new day brings hope. That new day brings new challenges. That new day brings new lessons, and the only way we can learn is if we are open to live.

Welcome the new day, welcome the challenge. Take on the challenge. Give it all you got.

You might be afraid of what lies ahead. Afraid of the unknown. Too scared to fail, you don`t want to try. Don`t let fear get in the way.

`Just take the step.. You will never know if you don`t try`

`Do it anyways, because we can`t know how good or terrible we are until we have shot our shot`

Sometimes we win.. sometimes we lose.. that’s how it is, right?

Better to lose when you know you gave it your best, than not trying at all. Go out there and be your best. Keep the faith that it will be worth it.

You`re enough, believe in yourself. You can do it, don`t doubt yourself. You`ve come so far, remember that.

Count your blessings. When you feel stuck, take a quick look back at what you`ve achieved. Now move forward and know that your best is yet to come.


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