NTV Photo: one of the suspects in the attempted assassination of Gen. Katumba shows how he was allegedly tortured while in custody

If the recent events have proved anything, it`s that we all need to wage the struggle for our liberation as a country. We need to perceive the reality of oppression that we face not as a closed world from which there is no exit, but as a limiting situation which we can transform.

We continue to face oppression, exploitation, injustice and violence at the hands of those in power, or should I say those we gave power. Our leaders have become our oppressors and it is about time we all took part in restoring humanity and freedom in this country.

The task at hand isn`t just freeing ourselves from the oppressors, it is to liberate ourselves as well as the oppressors. Whereas we sent our leaders as representatives for our interests, most of them have opted to choose wealth for their families, secure treatment abroad for themselves, and abandon the hospitals in their constituencies. We gave them the power to speak for us but they chose to rape the Constitution and seek more years in their comfortable offices feasting on taxpayers` money. The oppressors, who continue to exploit and oppress us from the power we gave them, cannot find in that power the strength to liberate us or themselves. We have to know and accept that it the power that springs from our weakness and suffering which will be sufficiently strong to free ourselves.

Take an example of this week`s embarrassing phone call made by the Prime Minister after sending one hundred thousand shillings to a certain gentleman as Covid relief. Upon confirming that he had received the money, the Prime Minister and those accompanying her celebrated cheered, and some even clapped. For me, that was one of the many shameful and embarrassing moments that we continue to allow to happen at our own expense. It is this false generosity that our oppressors (read leaders) thrive from. By clapping, cheering and accepting such oppression to continue, we are not just extending our suffering but also giving them a chance to overlook their subjugations.

This pandemic has exposed the weaknesses in all our major sectors and instead of learning from our mistakes in preparation for future generations and making our lives better, we have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. This year and the past year have been characterized by death, despair and poverty only for our leaders to use this time to display false generosity, false charity, and continue to thrive from our silence, fear and little or no opposition to their actions.

Freedom won`t come to us by chance. We need to recognize our dire need for it. The truth is before us, the evidence is before us, we have all suffered oppression, and we have all faced the consequences of poor leadership, but still refuse to act. We are aware of the exploitation, we live in poverty, we have experienced loss and maybe this has impaired our perception of oppression and made us this that it is our reality.

We cannot keep relying on our oppressors (leaders) to lead us to freedom; we are the oppressed and the hosts of our oppressors. They shall continue to thrive on our suffering while displaying a false generosity to cover up their subjugation. We have the power to change our situation, transform our society and secure our freedom. We must, from our suffering, pursue the struggle to recover our lost humanity.



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