Starting can be challenging, that’s why we have so many good ideas that never get to be expressed.

I struggled with career anxiety right after finishing school. I felt stuck and uninspired to the extent that even getting out of bed was a struggle. I would wake up every day worried and anxious about my future, wondering whether I would get a job and that uncertainty continued to fuel my anxiety.   One day, I decided to scout law offices in my neighborhood and drafted applications to all of the offices. the following day I literally walked to each of the offices and submitted my documents. Luckily, one of those offices hired me and I am still working with them.

That experience taught me to always take the first step and trust that my efforts will be worth it. Better to start that

My theme this month is “Birch September” because birch trees symbolize hope and new beginnings. One thing I am focusing on this month is to clear my ideas backlog, get my plans from my notes and bring them to life.  I finally decided to start a YouTube channel and this is a start of many more challenges I will be taking on this month.

I cannot lie, I am a bit anxious but also very hopeful because I have picked up some lessons along the way that I am relying on as I take on my new challenges. If you are out there and in the same position as I am, don`t worry, we`ve got this and these tips will take us to the top.

  1. Be yourself

Anxiety can be caused by comparison or productivity pressure. Remember that we are all different.

Take time to find and know yourself generally, and specifically, with regard to each new project. Find your strengths, know your weaknesses and when you feel anxious about performing, rely on your strengths and find strength in your weaknesses to overcome your fears.

  • Be specific about your goals

Sometimes what makes us lag behind and affects our progress is because our goals aren’t specific. You`re very anxious because there is a lot on your mind (which is valid). You have the ideas but they are not clear and that is why you cannot set specific attainable goals.

When starting something, be it a business, a new job or any project you`re working on, ensure to clearly state your goals for that particular project. Know what your short term goals are, and your long term goals and another helpful tip is to use short timelines dedicated to short term goals. That way, you do not feel so overwhelmed and the small wins encourage you to keep going.  

  • Focus on the journey

It is good to begin with the end in mind but remember that it is only the journey that will lead you to our destination. Give each day your best and keep hopeful that all your efforts will be worth it in the end. Most times we get anxious because we are only focusing on our end goal which is usually at a distance. Focusing on the journey helps you to work on your daily goals instead of worrying about the future. The results will evolve from your efforts.

  • Trust your efforts

Trust your efforts and capabilities and trust the process. Early this week, someone posted a tweet asking, “where is this process we are supposed to trust?”

I am sure we have all heard this before and yes, sometimes it might seem like there is no process to trust. However, there is always a process and it comprises of yourself, your efforts, your support, your plans and your goals.

Whenever you feel stuck and anxious or uninspired, review your plan, assess your progress, find extra support and set short term goals which you can easily give your attention.

  • Accept uncertainty

One of the hardest things is to push through the uncertainty. Uncertainty can be frustrating, demotivating and will definitely fuel your anxiety.

The fear of the unknown brings self-doubt and when you worry too much about the uncertainty of a certain project or idea you wish to start, the anxiety that comes along will affect whether you actually start or not.

You have to accept that you do not know what lies ahead and believe that you can actually create what you want to find ahead. Embrace the uncertainty and use it to motivate you to shape your future. When the fear and doubt as to whether you will succeed or not kicks in, choose to focus on you efforts and short term goals.

  • Don`t over think it

You`ll feel the bad energy, the ugly thoughts of self-doubt, you`ll start to feel as if you can`t do it. And then you`ll start to pull back….

Do not over think it. Focus on the facts by reflecting on your past achievements. Consider other people`s success stories and believe that you can also do it. Use their facts and your facts to guide and motivate you. Not your emotions and feelings.

  • Self-assessment and gratitude

I have found power in assessing my progress and counting my blessings. Whenever you feel anxious, take out a pen and notebook and start writing your achievements. It doesn’t matter whether you have celebrated them before, or whether they are big or small compared to whatever project you`re feeling anxious about. Include that project as well in your achievements because some people don’t have that idea. Count it as an achievement and then build on it for more achievements.

Be grateful for having something to work on, be grateful for having a dream. Now work on transforming that dream into reality.

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