Who are you online?

If you could be anyone, who would you be? To those who believe in fate and destiny, you cannot change who you are. To those who choose to embrace the idea of free will and dismiss the limitations of fate and destiny, you can be anything. But no matter what you believe, you will always … Continue reading Who are you online?

Be Yourself.

Oh the joy you’ll experience from living life as your true self! As women, we are judged by society from how we dress, walk, eat, talk and yes even how we laugh. Not many girls have the confidence or courage of being their true selves amidst all the judgment. Personally, I can’t blame anyone because … Continue reading Be Yourself.


Read this post for a deeper and clearer understanding of feminism. Thanks Patrick for this great post.



It is parentage
That engraves my names on the pillar
It was not the amount of calories
Nor was it the number of ribs
Like Eve in the garden
If the fruit had the supposed knowledge
Then who knew firsts
Like Adam, if his rib was taken
Then where was the rib
I felt I had more calories
Because I am more bitter and sour
I became also so sweet
My muse were all speaking at once
The beautiful ancient speaks
If two can tangle, HE is there
HE brings me to fore
When they join

Written by:

University of Benin
Department of English


Plumcot is practically a piece that tends to appreciate and renovate the vehicles of feminism.

Feminism is as old as man. In fact, it tends to be biblical knowledge that GOD of the bible created women with the man’s…

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