CELEBRATING FADUMO DAYIB – The woman determined to redeem Somalia. 12985617_553772091460857_7769677053793217127_n Fadumo Dayib (net images)

Today I celebrate Fadumo Dayib a powerful woman and leader who is devoting her life to restore peace, security and development in Somalia as Somalia’s first female president. A Harvard graduate and a mother, Fadumo Dayib is running as Somalia’s first female president for the forth coming presidential elections.

When Fadumo Dayib announced her bid to run for president in the 2016 presidential elections in Somalia, many people thought it was a crazy idea. This was an expected reaction considering the life threatening conditions and violent history of Somalia. The country has been in diaspora under threats from the terrorist group Al shabaab and its long endured instability has left the country war torn and well their redemption couldn’t come better than through a woman’s eyes. . Somalia’s election this year will be the first democratic election held since 1967.

Fadumo is determined and courageous to stand against all odds to revive Somalia and this has been shown through her interviews as she explains how she is handling death threats upon her life. She is ambitious and ready to face her patriarchal community as she believes that women too can take part in politics and she says that religion and culture supports them. The gender bill has been opposed in Somalia and women are still under looked and this among other areas attracts her focus and determination to become the next president for Somalia come august this year.

Her campaign tagline, “I am a 2016 Somali presidential candidate. At the tender age of 42 and after 25 years in the diaspora, I have finally understood the value of walking away in order to walk back to what matters the most. I am going home to reclaim Somalia and Somaliness.” Shows how much she loves her home and feels the need to restore peace and development in the country.

Fadumo Dayib plans on focusing on security one of the main issues in Somalia, economic development, job creation especially for those below 35yrs of age as this is the common age of Al shabab recruits, and then women rights. This is a great strategy and considering that she is the only one who has actually presented her manifesto, her value for her country and need to revive it and restore peace is particularly visible and I hope that she wins the elections and maybe then Somalia will be called home again by many who have been restless and homeless in their own country.

For one who was once a refugee, once handed a “go home” card, one who felt displaced in whichever country she was in, one who felt unwanted to come back to her war torn home determined to restore peace which hasn’t been felt in a long time, one who believes in herself and has hope for her country to recover from its violent history she is all that Somalia needs and I hope that she gets all the support she needs.

Fadumo thinks beyond the status quo of Somalia and she says she just needs to open doors for her children and their children for social change. She is not after just becoming a president but political position identification that will give her a platform to address the different issues the country is facing and then take it through its recovery process.  I hope she is able to achieve it all.

Fadumo recently said, “I am the person I am looking for” and what more does a country full of people who have lost hope need that someone who believes in herself and is not scared but is full of strength, determination and courage. You are the person you’re looking for and you are sure the person Somalia needs.



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