I get very emotional whenever I find myself discussing issues affecting women and sometimes when I’m faced with people who don’t believe in women or who attach less value to what women have to offer. As a human being, I have my ups and downs. I have fallen and risen and many a time I have had to give up or press pause on some of my goals because of disbelief. yes, I am human and I accept my mistakes.
I have been faced with situations when I need a helping/guiding hand to achieve something. For the times that I’ve successfully had that hand by my side, I’ve thrived and for that I am grateful. For the times I haven’t, two things have happened; one I’ve had to try to lift myself up, encourage myself and push myself to achieve whichever goal or opportunity I was faced with. And two, I’ve either given up or pressed pause(where possible).
There are different kinds of people in this world – those that will fight from the start until the finish with or without any support and those that even with the motivation, skills and capabilities will still need an extra hand to remind them that they are champions.
Likewise, there are women in this world who will stand head held high and speak their mind, and there are those who will rise behind them and say yes I’m with you or sit back silently helping others discover themselves and be better. The latter possess the strength to act but not on their own without a little push and the former kind is always ready to act no matter what. Both kinds have the will but one is more diligent.
I relate this to today’s woman. Unlike back in the days (which I hate to remember) when women were tramped allover by men, when women had no seat at the table (and when they had it was just for atmosphere), today women have earned their place. Women from all over the world have spoken and their voices have been heard. Women have ceased from being quite, from begging for a chance to speak, from begging to be heard – to SPEAKING and being heard.
This has been a job well done by not only the women I mentioned earlier who stand and speak their mind but also the ones who stand with them and say, “I am with you” “I support you” “together we can do this”. All these kinds of women who have openly and silently supported each other are the reason girls can freely access education today. They are the reason early marriages have reduced in some countries and the reason women can own and inherit property. To me all these women are Feminists. They have in their own degrees and capacities contributed to the strong woman we see today. It is this support that women have given each other that has opened for women doors in the biggest offices and presented them platforms without any doubt that they will surely deliver.
Women have supported each other and it has paid off. I applaud all the women for their efforts. To all those who have stood out against all odds to fight for women’s interest and rights, you have encouraged other women to join the fight, to speak up against any forms of gender based violence and are the reason the future generation woman will be far off better than the woman of today who is better than the one of yesterday.
I have on several occasions encountered men who still attach little value to women, men who are not ashamed to say women are weak, men who stand and say the feminists are wasting their time but I strongly believe that feminists are the beacon of hope for not just their fellow women but for the rest of the human race. I know that they are fighting for a great cause which will continue to pay off. Feminists are a gift and instead of attacking them and trying to discourage them, we should acknowledge their contributions to society.

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