What are you living for?


What are you living for?

What do you live for?

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

I asked someone today what they live for and their answer was their kids and love. I didn’t expect the question to come back to me but well it did and when it did, answering didn’t seem as easy as asking the question so I placed my phone aside and sat back to think just to avoid giving any rush/rational answers.

So I posed the question to me.  What do I live for? What am I living for?

It is guaranteed that at some point we shall all die but until then, what are you living for?

I could have answered this with a simple or not so simple I live for Christ because as a Christian my goal is to live a Christ-filled life, be more like him with the hope that one day when my life is over I get to sit beside the father and enjoy eternity.

Every night my prayer is that the following day is better and brighter. That the world is a better place for us all to live, to be happy and to thrive. My wish and goal is to be the influence, to impact positive change is someone’s life, wherever I work and in my community. What’s that to me? What does it say about me and the life I life or the life I desire to live? I’m yet to know.

Whereas that might be my goal and desire or even what I am doing, it doesn’t count for what I live for. I came to the conclusion that it is my life. It’s what I do, what I want to do so it forms part of my life.

We all have different goals, different aspirations and dreams. Our lives are fulfilled by different things. It could be what you do and what you hope to achieve but whatever it is, why does it fulfil your life? Why does it give your life purpose? Why does it add meaning to your life?

Back to what I live for… I want to experience a great kind of happiness, excellence, I want to see the people around me happy. I want to experience social, economic, physical, financial and professional growth and development.  I want to be the beacon of hope, in someone’s life, in my community and yes in the world and when that hope finally pays off, I want to be there to see the world shine, to witness someone get their breakthrough. Is this what I live for? Maybe!

Ask yourself today, “what am I living for?” even if you’ve answered the question before, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself of what your answer is and be sure that you’re still on the right track.

What am I living for?


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