At least once in a life time, we are all faced with hardships. Moments when we lose ourselves to deep sorrow. We want to be strong and yes we try and act strong on the outside but deep inside, our hearts are bleeding with so much pain.

During the night when you hope to rest and forget about all the trouble, when it’s supposed to be peaceful and all you expect to be worried about are night mares which should be meaningless the following day, you switch off the lights and go to bed but even with your eyes closed, your problems just can’t go away. One by one they start coming back and it’s as though your brain has just been replaced by a sea of sorrows and your problems are just swimming in your head. You close your eyes so tight but it’s never tight enough and tears just roll down your cheeks. You just let them because may be you hope to cry it all out, that maybe through those tears you will feel a little relief.

During the day, after selecting your best playlist with loud music hopping that the noise would destruct you from thinking only about your worries, the music is not loud enough. You don’t understand why everyone else is happy. When they laugh, it’s if they are laughing at you. When they smile, you don’t get it. When they just look at you and say nothing, it feels like pity. When they try to talk you down, you think they are mocking you. They are just making fun of you.

It hurts so badly when you want to talk to someone and there is no one to talk to. Even when there is someone, you feel like they will not understand what you are going through. You just sit all by yourself, maybe take a walk and try to keep busy until you have to face the nights again, the night that just never end. The nights you spend alone buried in your sorrows, counting seconds that just seem like hours.

Maybe you have experienced such tough moments and you were able to overcome them but in future if you ever find yourself in such a situation (and I hope you don’t) don’t let sorrows ruin your precious life. We might have all the time in the world to make up for the losses we incur but time lost in worries is hard to make up for. No situation is permanent. Instead of wasting time worrying, spend all the little time you get trying to find a solution. Even when struggles don’t seem to end in your life, do not lose hope. Keep the faith. Keep praying. Lift yourself up and remain filled with strength. Believe in yourself because it’s the best gift you can give to yourself even at your weakest point and remember to keep trusting in God for He is our source of all strength and courage.

Often times the only way out is through and even when it feels like all hope is lost, keep the faith. Pray unceasingly and just hold on to the promises that God has made to watch over us at all times.


“The strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire.”

You can turn your greatest weakness into ultimate strength.


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